Ok sorry I have been behind with this my PC wouldnt work this is being typed at school, these are the requirements and the rules for admins, this adds more responsbility and more rules but it means you get site admin if you qualify.

Requirement 1: You have to have either fixed 50 pages before, posted at least 30 pages (That Seemed Legit), or wrote 500 comments before

Requirement 2: Requirement 2 Ruled Out 12/31/2013

Requirement 3: You have to have never abused admin powers, I will check

Requirement 4: You cannot request admin unless you have all requirements down otherwise you will never be admin

Requirement 5: You abosolutely HAVE to have no friendships over admin, if a friend breaks the rules, follow your duty as admin and punish them

Requirement 6: Requirement 6 Ruled Out 1/9/2014

Requirement 7: Requirement 7 Ruled Out 1/9/2014

Requirement 8: You cannot disrespect any other authority.

Rule 1: No admin abuse or you lose admin

Rule 2: No friends over admin duty you will lose admin, and both will be blocked from this site for good

Rule 3: Treat the other non admin users and admin users the same, no special treatment

Rules 4-8  Ruled Out 1/9/2014

Rule 9: Leave a note in a blocked user's message wall why they were blocked, how long, an accurate (as acurate as possible) time and date, and their Block Release Year.

Rule 10: If something is NSFW please mark it NSFW. Make sure to read it before marking it NSFW.