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    Ok so i went over the update notes of Minecraft one day and I noticed that they had removed herobrine more than once, and even one update note list said removed the ghost entities under the control of lord herobrine. Can Herobrine even be removed or will they constantly try and fail? I dont think they can remove him, hes not even data in my opinion i think hes just there, unremoveable. I will list the versions the notes say removed herobrine.

    Minecraft Beta 1.6.6

    Minecraft Beta 1.7

    Minecraft Beta 1.8

    Minecraft 1.0

    Minecraft 1.2

    Minecraft 1.2.5 (Removed ghost entities under the control of Lord Herobrine)

    Minecraft 1.3.1

    Minecraft 1.4.2

    Minecraft 1.5

    Minecraft 1.6.1

    All above this line and below the paragraph at the top list the same sentence, removed …

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  • TheBoldWriter

    I made this wiki for those who want to write spin offs. Originals are aloud too. But see The Deal Here for the rules or the rules category. so yeah.

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