The forest was soundless, everything was calm as it should be. Then sound was heard as a pony was running for its life. She didnt dare look back. She didnt want to look back there was nothing she could do if she did. She would DIE if she did. She could feel it behind her, its horrible noise.

As she was running there was a log. She tripped and cut her face on a edge on the log. Blood dripped fast from her new wound and soon she would have to run again, the thing after her would kill her when i caught her. She shouldnt have ever went to the forest, the Everfree Forest. She was going to die.

She ran and ran but the forest never seemed to end neither did the blood she was loseing, She ran until she flew into a tree and landed on her rump. She looked up and saw a note, one of eight. She picked it up, then she found her horrors had just begun. There before her stood Slender Mane.

Slender Mane`s tentacles raised, as he ripped them through the ponys heart. This scattered blood everywhere and killed the pony instantly. Slender Mane took the note and hung it back up then took a map of land marks off the pony he had just killed, haveing acheived victory. Slender Mane looked at her face and stole her soul from the afterlife.

He walked to the nearest town, this town was named Ponyville. Ponyville was delightful and filled with ponies usaly but at the current time it was night and everyone was sleeping. As Slender Mane walked into the town he saw a familier white pony with a white hoodie, black hair, a knife, and a bleeding smile. "Heya Slender Mane what are you doing up so late?" Said Jeff the pony killer

Slender Mane used his tentacles to write in black on a window, "I am up because someone went in my forest and woke me up Jeff, a mare about the size of a filly yet she was definately full grown, what are you doing up Jeff?" wrote Slender Mane. Slender Mane then wrote "Nevermind I know what your doing up" before Jeff could even answer.

"Anyway Slender Mane, how has it been? Anyone get your notes yet?" Questioned Jeff. "No they all die as they usualy do, its not any fun since they got weak, after all im always too fast or too strong" Wrote Slender Mane "Hey I can help you talk but we will have to revert to human form" Said Jeff. Slender Mane nodded and became Slender Man. Jeff took out his knife and began cutting Slender Man a smile when he heard a familier voice who Jeff the Pony Killer dreads.