Jane the pony

Jeff turned around to find Jane the Pony Killer standing there, ready to kill Jeff. But when she saw Slender Mane`s face she was terrified. He had a bleeding smile just as they had. "Slender Mane what happened to you? Did Jeff gie you a smile as well?" questioned Jane. "No he gave me a mouth so I may speak, Jane. This is not a time to fight Jane, look whos watching." said Slender Mane.

Herobrine Pony

Slender Mane pointed off to the distance and both looked far out to it aswell. There stood Herobrine pony, looking right at them. If they attacked eachother one of the three gaurdians, Tails Doll, Herobrine, or Sonic.exe would break up the fight, then battle the two pastas themselves.

This was a random world they lived in and no one knew how they all became ponies, and thi made them completely unscary, and this part is cut short because im gana go watch some doctor who the two doctors, seeya.