So I watched my Doctor Who and I am back to Slendy and his pony story.

Herobrine watched them closely, and zoomed in with silence. Suddenly Jeff the Pony Killer's jacket lit to flame and he burnt horribly. Then Jane's hair caught aflame and she ran around until her top of her skull caved in like a crumbleing building. Then Herobrine used a computer to re write them into not fighting just then.

Herobrine looked to the right and saw Steve running from him scared, yet Herobrine appeared before Steve and knocked him far far back. Suddenly Steve was dropped into 4 hearts. Steve ran at Herobrine with his diamond sword ready, nd he cut Herobrine in half. Steve jumped in victory, yet he had no clue of what would happen next.

Suddenly white lines of particles surrounded Steve, and two cube hands grabbed his hoofs from the ground. The hands jabbed Steve with 12 lightning rods, then made it rain. 12 lightning strikes hit each rod and his cube head started to shake , and he burst into bits. Herobrine burst right out of the ground and walked up to the new half hearted Steve.

Herobrine just smiled at Steve and held out his hand. Steve took Herobrine's hand and Herobrine helped him up easily. When Steve gotnear Herobrine, Herobrine jabbed Steve in the ribs which Steve bled out everywhere, and Steve lost all hearts. Suddenly Steve closed his eyes and Steve died.

Two options came up. "Quit Game" or "Respawn" like the regular game, and Herobrine looked at each choice. He hit the repspawn button and Steve's body vanished. "Where did he go Herobrine?" Questioned Slender Mane. "Slender Mane he randomly popped up in this realm anywhere the realm chooses. This is  what my wrath does" Said Herobrine.

"Herobrines wrath can be a very dangerous thing" Said a voice behind Herobrine.