Ok so I looked it over and made some rules because this is my wiki and I dont want anyone saying things like "Hey this isnt a place for a series this is only for pastas and pasta spinoffs". Want to know what? I could completely change this place and make it as though eaither only I may write or that this is a creepy pasta series site where its a series or its nothing but no, I gave you guys no rules so before ANYONE makes a story or a comment that my so far un scary series Slender Mane through parts is stupid and shouldnt be a series remember i could ban you from writing anything at all by blocking you. But thats power abuse. Soooooo heres some heads up rules bout this place, not any that stop any storys from being made (excludeing hatred storys on other writers if you go ut and make a out of the blue attack on bronies or something in a story your geting blocked for one day, one per paragraph if theres 7 paragraphs on brony hate or whatever hate your getting banned for a week). So here we go.

1. Series are aloud example: Slender Mane series by me

2. No hate storys or comments (stated above)

3. NO FIGHTING OVER CHARACTERS! These are spin offs all characters may be used by anyone. But if in a story someone says please contact me before using my character respect their wish and contact them

4. Everythings aloud, everything BUT anything that breaks rule 2, still no hate stuff

5. Please dont make false pastas and stories like saying its a jeff story and it turns out to be about smile dog youl be blocked for 2 days and it will be deleted. Notice im not saying you cant make smile dog and jeff stories only that you cant make mis leading ones

6. When I get some admins on here, they may not abuse their power I will make a admin rule list when i get some.

I have spoken.